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ZX-SE (Bandit)

ZX-SE (Bandit)

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Who said you had to stick to the same old routine? Shake things up a bit with two new Special Edition colorways and some exciting upgrades to the fan-favorite ZX. Express yourself with Palladium or Bandit and feel the power of upgraded suspension, a new headlight, and inimitable MAXXIS SuperSucker tires. We also threw in a powerful new battery system that allows you to fully customize your range and power.

 A Little Bigger, A Little More Pickup

With a slightly taller seat height and larger battery, the ZX is the perfect step up from the MIAMI.

Pre-Wired for Headlights

*This model comes conveniently pre-wired for a headlight accessory, saving you the hassle and giving you the ability to customize your ride

 Upgraded Motor

The internally geared brushless DC hub motor is capable of outputting up to 1200 watts of peak power

 Removable Battery

30+ miles* of range at 20mph under throttle-only operation

50+ miles* of range using ECO pedal assist mode

Durable 615 watt-hour battery (Fully Charged in 4hrs)

 Multi-Class Ride Modes

Throttle Operation + Pedal Assist

3 Additional Ride Modes Available

Legally Ride Without a License, Insurance or Registration

 Built-In Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Get Directions to Your Route

Displays on Mobile Device & Smart Display

 Download the SUPER73 App!

iOS and Android Compatible

Over-the-Air Updates

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