Radical eBikes Is Proud To Introduce The EBOX Dragster Minibike To Our Offering Lineup

Radical eBikes Is Proud To Introduce The EBOX Dragster Minibike To Our Offering Lineup


The EBOX Dragster Minibike: A Modern Twist on a Classic Design

Minibikes have a rich history, with the old-school Doodlebug minibike holding a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. Known for their simplicity, ruggedness, and undeniable charm, Doodlebug minibikes were a staple for many in the mid-20th century. Fast forward to today, and the EBOX Dragster Minibike is making waves with its advanced technology and sleek design. Despite the decades between them, the EBOX Dragster and the classic Doodlebug share several design similarities that pay homage to the minibike legacy while pushing the envelope of what's possible in the modern era.

Frame and Structure

As previous Doodlebug owners ourselves, one of the most striking similarities between the EBOX Dragster and the Doodlebug minibike is the basic frame design. Both bikes feature a compact, sturdy frame that provides a low center of gravity, which is essential for stability and control. The frame construction is so  reminiscent of the Doodlebug, it undoubtedly gives the EBOX Dragster a retro feel sure to bring back all those childhood memories. .

Size and Proportions

Both minibikes share similar dimensions, designed to be small, agile, and easy to handle. The compact size of the EBOX Dragster, much like the Doodlebug, makes it perfect for riders of all ages, offering a fun and approachable riding experience. This similarity in size ensures that the modern EBOX Dragster retains the playful spirit of its predecessor. To ensure a little more safety, there is an option to buy a wheelie bar which allows for a little more stress-free driving. 

Handlebar and Seat Configuration

The handlebar and seat design layout provides a nostalgic nod to the Doodlebug but also ensures ergonomic comfort for longer rides. Both bikes feature upright handlebars and a single, elongated seat, promoting a comfortable and relaxed riding posture. There are so many similarities between the two bikes, but one thing is for sure, going all electric is definitely the way to go now that technology has changed so vastly.

Wheels and Tires

The EBOX Dragster and the Doodlebug both utilize small, thick tires that provide excellent grip and stability. These tires are designed to handle a variety of terrains, from smooth pavement to rough trails, making both minibikes versatile and practical for different riding environments.

Simple Aesthetic

A hallmark of the Doodlebug was its straightforward, no-frills aesthetic, and the EBOX Dragster carries this tradition forward. While the EBOX Dragster incorporates modern materials and finishes, its overall look remains clean and unembellished. This simplicity in design highlights the bike's functionality and performance, just as it did with the Doodlebug.

Modern Enhancements

While the EBOX Dragster respects the classic design elements of the Doodlebug, it also introduces several modern enhancements that elevate the riding experience. These include:

- **Electric Motor**: Unlike the gasoline-powered Doodlebug, the EBOX Dragster features a high-performance 16V 18.2Ah lithium electric motor, offering a quieter, more environmentally friendly ride with impressive power and acceleration.

- **Advanced Battery Technology**: The EBOX Dragster’s state-of-the-art battery provides an extended range of 20 miles on a single charge and quick recharging capabilities at 5 hours for a full charge, a significant improvement over the limited fuel capacity of the old Doodlebug.

- **Enhanced Control System**: The EBOX Dragster incorporates modern electronics for precise control and handling, ensuring a smoother and more responsive ride. The added technology of the EBOX Dragster allows the driver to choose the level of aggression in regards to torque and the max speed output on the bike. 

Bridging the Gap Between Past and Present

The EBOX Dragster Minibike successfully bridges the gap between the beloved Doodlebug minibike of the past and the cutting-edge electric bikes of today. By retaining key design elements that made the Doodlebug iconic while integrating modern technology and materials, the EBOX Dragster offers a unique riding experience that honors tradition while embracing innovation. Whether you're a nostalgic rider longing for the simplicity of the Doodlebug or a tech enthusiast eager for the latest advancements, the EBOX Dragster Minibike provides the best of both worlds. 

The introduction of the EBOX Dragster into the ebike market was something most people couldn’t have imagined nor would most other companies even entertain the idea of recreating something so iconic. This is definitely a niche ebike, but respect for the machine is warranted. With a top speed of 35mph right out of the box, this little machine will speed past the majority of the other ebikes on the market currently. If thrills and speed are what you are looking for, while standing out amongst the other mundane, designed ebikes on the road, this is the right machine for you. Visit Radical eBikes in Las Vegas to see how this modern marvel captures the essence of a classic design, reimagined for today's riders. We have several color options available and would love for you to come by the shop to check them out!


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